Dev Update #45

Scenes 8, 9, and two-third of Scene 10 are written. I hope to finish the last part of scene 10 this weekend. 

The rendering of Scene 7 is complete.

I've also spent some time building a new location. In v0.5, the story will lead the characters in a "new" part of the house: the laundry room.

Originally, I wrote this room as being situated in the basement of the house, but trying to build it that way, I wasn't satisfied with the results. So I've revised my plans to suit a room on the ground floor. I'm okay with the results so far.

The quick sum up :

  • Day 5 will contain 22 scenes (But I'm actually thinking of changing a few things and add a couple more "naughty scenes". I'm not fixed yet.)
  • Scenes up to Scene 9 are written. Scene 10 is 65% written.
  • Scenes up to Scene 7 are posed and fully rendered
  • 22 500 words. 192 renders are done.
  • I'm currently working on writing Scene 10.

You can also follow my progress with this trello board.

Thank you for your support!

The Naughty Captain

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Thanks for the update, Captain :)

Would you like some help with reworking the save system and gallery? Unpaid, of course. If it doesn't work out for you or you don't want to use what I've programmed, I would be professional enough to accept that and would still be your fan. :)

You're welcome. :)

Thank you for your offer, but to be honest, I'm not searching for help. This game is kind of my baby and I want to do everything myself (everything I can at least). I know it's a bit foolish but that's how it is.
But I'm still very grateful that you offered your help!
Thank you!


Alright. I totally understand that. :)

I'll send you some more money then to help. :)

I won't lie, it will be very welcome.
Thank you!