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Summer Scent is my first project.

The story :

It's the beginning of summer. Jack is 18 years old and has just finished high school by graduating.
He has a tense relationship with Eve, his childhood friend who seems to have disliked him cordially for a few years.
Jack's parents had left town for a week, Eve invites her best friend, Cassie, to join them.
They have the house and the pool for them alone.
How Jack will handle the situation depends on you.

The game is a visual novel. Your decisions will have consequences and will influence the story and its conclusion.

You will be able to change the name of the main characters.
Images are Full HD renders (1920x1080).

The game should be rather short but it will be an adequate size for a first experience. I hope you will enjoy it.


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Summer Scent - 0.4.1 PC
Summer Scent - 0.4.1 Mac
Summer Scent - 0.4.1 Android
Summer Scent - 0.5.5 PC
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Summer Scent - 0.5.5 mac
if you pay $5 USD or more
Summer Scent - 0.5.5 Android
if you pay $5 USD or more

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I hope this doesn't come across as hostile, but why does this game update so often but I'm not seeing any new content added with the updates?


I publish a dev update post every week so that my followers are informed of the progress of the development. The game itself, however, is updated only when a chapter is complete.

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Question, is it possible to fill the gallery in a single playthrough, or is it required to do multiple to fill it? Cause I'm guessing some of them can only be unlocked with specific Eve stats (affection vs submission. Im guessing here).

No, it isn't possible. You will need several playthroughs to get all achievements and complete the galleries.


The breakfast table scene in the throuple path is the funniest scene of the game imho until now. I just laughed so hard. Tried it a few times but missed it until now by one or two points so resigned to the sub/love path with Eve and Cassie. Thank you for the missing pointers. 

Thank you!
I'm glad you liked it!

hey can I please know how to get the harem route I really want a relationship with eve but if I do that Cassie will suffer so can u tell me how to unlock the harem route when I talk with Cassie in her room?

and thank you for the hard work keep it up I ur game is one of my favorites

Here is the how to available on my discord.

How to avoid scene 7?
Globally, you avoid Scene 7 by paying attention to Cassie and giving her some "pure love" vibe.
The first key choice is to talk to Cassie while in the lingerie shop, during Day 3. Avoid the "Ok. So what?" option.
The second key choice happens on Day 4 morning, when you meet Cassie in the living room : "Give her a proper kiss." / "I'm sorry." / "You keep saying that."
The third key choice happens on Day 4 either at Cassie's place or during the night, with Eve. At Cassie's place: "This morning was very difficult to handle." Or at night in Eve's bedroom: "I don’t accept it." Yes, that means that you can meet Kelly and still have the throuple path right.
The fourth key choice happens during Day 4 night when you join Cassie in her bedroom. Choose "Except maybe cuddling a bit and having a nice talk." Finally, during Day 5, in Cassie's bedroom, you should be able to choose the following options: "I will tell you everything", "I would choose no-one", "Apologize".
With more than 67 affection points for Eve, and Cassie, you will avoid Scene 7 and Cassie will stay home with you.

That being said, if you're only interested in Eve, you don't have to pursue Cassie at all.

Thank you so much I really love this game and we are waiting for the next updates thanks again and keep up the hard work <3

just to be clear, Version O.5.5 will not be released to public and will always have the $5 tag, is this a correct assumption ?

I plan to release V0.5.5 to the public when I'll publish V0.6.
However, I don't know if I'll keep making public releases after that.

tyvm for the quick response, much appreciated

First things first great job so far. I can't wait for future updates. Secondly, I took the path where you cheat on the friend with your childhood friend.  Holy shit I literally cried! I do however have a question. If she's not really his sister then why is their relationship  such a big deal?

Thank you!

She's not only a childhood friend, she's also Jack's father's ward. And if they are not blood related, they've been raised as brother and sister.


Just now. Same. Was shocked. Actually took me a few minutes to recover from that.  
Well done.

Thank you !

may 7th 2020 was the last update? O_O


I released v0.5.5 at the 22th of February 2021.

where is that? When I press download on itch.io it says may 7th 2020


You're looking at v0.4. The last free version.

did you give up on itch.io?


No. Why would I? What makes you think so?


A great start for this game, I really like the characters and the changes in their relationships depending on my choices. I didn't expect so many possible paths in such a short time.
Keep up the good work.

Thank you for your kind word!

Interesting so far, obviously a lot of different relationships to try for.

I think it needs a female domination tag though.

That could be a good idea. I'll add it!


wow... another game where the MC is getting insulted in the first 1/2 hour... it started nice and slow, but then,  I am an "imbecile and an idiot" for having trusted "rumours" about my "sister" before the game even began...  The headmaster told us she sucked dicks in the toilets based on some student's account... of course ... the family believed him... of course....
Gee. I agree it's well written for such games, but I am done with VNs constantly insulting / berating the player / MC for absurd reasons. I mean, what's the problem with you all ? Do you think we play games like this to be offended on the thinnest excuse made up by a loose plot ? If it's a game of choices and consequences, then at least only "punish" the MC for what the player actually choose to do, and for believable reasons...


Well, sorry if you don't like it.
The fact that mc has been an asshole to Eve and is pretty much a moron is kind of the base of the game. The way he reconstruct his relationship with Eve is the core of Summer Scent. If you don't like it, I guess you should move on to another game.
Thank you for trying my game, though!

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That's weird, because the beginning of the narrative doesn't really give that impression. But if you say so, then yeah, being put in the shoes of an asshole right away is not really my thing. The problem is, beside the fact that he "believed the nasty rumours" about his sister, he doesn't seem to be such a terrible person.... And then the guest of HIS house, even after I was nice to her, just insults you for breakfast all of a sudden... and the MC is right away sorry etc... Something is missing, to make the player accept/understand the situation somehow. Or, let the girlfriend approach the subject more carefully, rather than being so aggressive, which didn't seem plausible ? Well, it's your game, it started well, honestly, but lately I have been a bit tired of vn using verbal abuse way too easily. I come here to relax, not to get bullied ^^

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Well, The whole game is told from Jack's perspective. And he doesn't think he is an asshole. He thinks he is a good and virtuous dude. But he says it himself at the start of the game: around him, most people say that he is an asshole. He objectively is. The game, however, is subjectively told. He has done more than just believing the rumours. I give a few hints later in the game.

That being said I have to agree that the beginning of the game is a bit weak and I have some rework to do there. That discussion with Cassie on Sunday morning is on my list of things to rewrite. It clearly needs more context and more depth to be fully understandable.


Ok... well,  you're right about the confusion at the beginning, I don't mind anti heroes as such, but context is vastly more important then. Other VN choose blank sheet main characters, which is the easiest (and possibly laziest) way  to go, the hardest is to give him a distinct persona without making him too alienating forthe player... I guess there are two ways to play such games, either you distantiate yourself totally from the mc, or you identify with him, but I think the game must very early push you in either direction. Nobody wants to plays and identify with a "moron"... ;) 

It can be someone who did something bad, with flaws.... sure, but he must have some redeeming qualities and not be the only black sheep around. That"s how I see it at least. Good luck with the writing anyway!


Well, depending on the path you choose, Jack can become something else and much more than a moron. He can completely change the way the girls look at him.
Ultimately, I guess that Summer Scent is about redemption.

Thank you!


I just want to say GOOD GOD DAMN!!  This is the most amazing writing I have ever experienced in a visual novel.  I went for the throuple and it was by far the biggest impact I have ever experienced in one of these games.  This is incredible.  Keep up the spectacular work.


Thank you !
I swear I'll do my best to keep it up!

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How do I get the Eve/Cassie part to happen after Cassie finds out? The harem path


I published a trigger map for that path on my Patreon, for the $15 tie. However, I'm sure you can find walkthrough and mods on the internet!

I’m confused on how to play v0.5 can you download it here or what because rim very confused 

For now, v0.5 is only available for my supporters on Patron and Subscribe star.
I'll release it on Itch.io at the end of this month.

Could You Plz Provide A Walkthrough ?....

I'm currently working on trigger maps for the last version of the game for my subscribers on Patreon and subscribe star.You can however find some walkthrough and walkthrough mods for Summer Scent on the net.

do you know of any walkthroughs there’s none that I can find

For v0.4.1 you can find one here :

Huge Fan Of Your Work Dude , When Will The Next Update Come ?


If everything goes well, I'll release the next episode on patreon at the end of this month.

How To View Your Work On Patreon ?

Here is the url :

I purchased the game through here. do I need to purchased the update again and when we will get the new update in here?


I'll be honest : I'm not sure how it works.

Just finished the 3.5 version and I was wondering if you will release 4.1 version for free after you finish day 5 and release it.

Yes. One month after the release on patreon, V0.5 will be available on itch.io and V0.4.1 will become free.


Thanks for the reply and also thank you for the information.  I appreciate you developers releasing these games for free,

You're welcome!

Just a question for this website in general, is there any way to just download an update to a game without having to fully reinstall the game? Also I love the game.

To be honest : I have no idea. Sorry !

Deleted 83 days ago

What a great game - I enjoy it very much! A small hint: in the drinking-scene, the whine fluid seems not to be affected by gravity - it "sticks" to the glass.


Thank you.
Yes, I couldn't find a way to have the fluids correctly leveled :/


Just played through the contents up to the end of 0.4.1 last night and I enjoyed it. Best of luck on finishing the rest of the game, and good job with what you have so far.


Thank you !

Is there not a 0.3.5 version for Android?


No. I've started porting for android with V0.4.1.


Thank you I will be patient.

I feel i need to give you feedback on the V.N. its not bad feedback its just that i noticed the cafe scene done not seem to flow right, first off there are in the cafe talking about iced coffee the brown headed girl is on about iced coffee, then she orders 3 coffee's but the BLONDIE don't like iced coffee and then they enter the cafe is the way i read it and this makes it seem DISJOINTED !!! it would have made more scene if the was outside and then order 2 iced coffee's and what ever the other girl was having a cup of hot coffee or a hot or iced tea . it was nothing major issues its just broke the flow of the novel and was sat here trying to work out what you meant.


Thank you for your feedback mr_gatez!
I'll have a closer look at it!


no problem its a please to read great V.N's in this time of LOCK DOWN around the world and is a great escape from pressures in live to sit down read and relax

how to download new update and play please help i cannot download new update it download again and again the same version


Which version are you attempting to download ?

The last free version is V0.3.5.

The last paid version id V0.4.1.

0.3.5 the game currently i have only 3 days after that game is finished

V0.3.5 contains only the first three days of the story.
V0.4.1 goes up to the fourth day.

when will V0.4.1 release for free?

When I'll release V0.5 !


Playing it now.trying different plots. Is there a walk through?


You can find a walkthrough here :

Thank you for playing Summer Scent !


Can't wait to play the next update. Definitely dropping the dollars for V0.5 upon release!

Thank you !


This might sound dumb but is the latest version supposed to stop on day 5 am i missing something (PS. Sorry if this sounds dumb lol)


The last version, is v0.4.1 and it stops at the end of Day 4.
I'm working on Day 5 as we speak. It'll be the content of the V0.5 update.

And it deosn't sound dumb at all.

Is there suppose to be audio for this VN?

No, there is no audio for now.
I'm aiming to add music and sound effects but for now, there is no audio.

When will android be free.? ive waited for a long time-


V0.4 will become free when I'll release V0.5. I can't give you a precise date. Sorry.


You are doing great. Really impressive. Thank you very much for this game of pure Art.^^


I'm not sure it's really art, but I'm glad you like it! Thank you!


This is really goooooodddd aahhhhhhhhh.!!!!I want more man or woman. It so cheese that I love it. 

Well, I'm glad you like it. ;)


how do i install an update it isnt letting me


I don't publish update, you'll have to download the entire game each time.
Sorry for the inconvenience !


Another awsome update keep up the outstanding work!!  TY


Thank you! I'm glad you like it!

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Hey Captain,

you are building something outstanding here.

I love:
1. Your focus on the small cast of characters, so we get to know them really well
2. The high number and impact of player choices
3. That there are two relationship routes for each character that even blend over
4. The strong emotional and complex relationships between all characters (also between the girls)
5. The overall high quality (writing, visual, spelling...)

If the remaining days turn out as great as the first 4 ones, the final game will be better than Acting Lessons, Being a DIK, Depraved Awakening, Dracu-Riot! ... and every other visual novel that I've ever played.

There are 2 things I would like to see in the future:
1. More Humor: It's hard to come up with good jokes, when you don't have a natural talent for it, but I would love to see some funny scenes with the girls.
2. More details about the characters: I would like to get to know them better. What do they love and hate? What kind of music to they like? What do the girls like except hanging out at the pool, running, taking a shower, watching movies and going to the mall? Of course not as bland exposition, but weaved into scenes or maybe into the environment? All the environments are pretty clean and impersonal right now. There could be posters, pictures, books/CDs lying around... that give cues about their preferences and background.

Do you have previous experiences as a writer? You definitely know how to craft dramatic scenes and fraught relationships.

Keep up the amazing work. :)


Hello JackN,
Thank you for your kind words.

I'm glad you liked Summer Scent and I can assure you that I intend to keep and even up if possible the quality of the content and of the overall game in the future versions.

I have some already planned scenes with that kind of content for V0.5. However, they won't be available on all paths. The player will have to play more than just one path to truly understand the characters.

I have been crafting stories as an amateur for a long time now but Summer Scent is the first work I publish. It's also the first time I write in English.

I'll try to stay worthy of your praise!

Thank you!


So true! There is a scene in the blend-over relationship route that nearly moved me to tears. So well done indeed!


Very well done so far,  Good Interesting, emotional story,  Deep Char's.  Looking foreward to seeing more!! 


Thank you for your kind words!


Amazing story, looking forward to more keep up the good work!

Question: For updates do we have to redownload the whole thing or do we get a small file to add to the folder that exsists


Thank you!

As far as I know I can't simply publish patches, the engine doesn't really allow it.
You will have to redownload the entire game each time.
I thought about publish updates in the form of folders that you would add to the base game but it's not really intuitive and suitable for all players.

Makes sense, keep up the good work!

How do you make these type of games?


Renpy + Daz Studio + a lot of work. ;p

mmmmmm i might make a game! what are the main apps you need to use?


As I said : Renpy for the engine and Daz studio for the rendering, if you want to make 3DCG like in Summer Scent. :)

MMMMMMM sorry for al the questions but do you have any apps that are sutible for chromebook?


I don't think so, sorry!


Work with what you have. I'm sure you can make something out of it.

it will not let me go father then day 

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pro the game is fine im in day 2 now


To be fully fair, like 100% fair, I wasn't expecting a well thought-out story like this. I'm curious to see what happens and I hope you get to finish this. Big ups The Naughty Captain.


Thank you =)
I do my best to write a decent story.
I'm glad you liked it!

Une idée sur la date de sortie de la version gratuite ?

La v0.3.5 deviendra accessible a tous quand sortira la V0.4.
Probablement vers mi avril.


For the first experience you did it really good. Keep doing games, I want see a large project of your hand <3


Thank you ! I'm already working on day 2. I hope you'll enjoy it as much !