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Jack is 18 years old. He has just graduated from high school and is preparing himself to enjoy his summer vacation. With a heatwave hitting the country and his parents gone for a week, he plans to play a lot of Call of Shooty under the fresh kiss of the a/c and regularly dip himself in the pool.

But Eve, his sister, has a different agenda. They can hardly stand each other and yet will have to spend the week alone together. Or maybe not, as Eve has invited her best friend, Cassie, to join her for a week of lounging by the pool.

How Jack will handle the situation depends on you.

Summer Scent is a branching story that your decisions and actions will shape. Through a combination of key choices and affinity points, you will influence the narrative and decide a path for you to walk. Your choices will have consequences, good or bad, pleasurable or nefarious, wholesome or destructive. There are eighteen different paths for you to explore.

Summer Scent includes some strong content that may not be suitable for your tastes. Some scenes may also show disturbing and violent outcomes.

This game is not for the faint of heart.


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Updated 1 day ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Release date Aug 14, 2019
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(527 total ratings)
AuthorThe Naughty Captain
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, branching-story, Eroge, Erotic, Hentai, Meaningful Choices, Multiple Endings, Porn, Romance, Story Rich
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksDiscord, SubscribeStar


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Did I already ask will this be on steam? 

I'm awaiting validation from Steam as we speak.

Yeah, itchio is were to start but the problem is easy to be tricked pirate a japanese game and it's annoying to delete then download the new version. 


I'm not sure I perfectly understand what you mean here...

ive just finished the day 6 content and it makes me like kelly more. do you have any plans on have a route where you can romance all 3 of the girls? something like cassie and eve early on and then kelly at the end?

Hello there. I'm glad you like Kelly! I never talk about the future path, but I can tell you what I haven't planned: There won't be a path in which you romance the three girls. There could be some surprises in the three mysterious paths, but none will allow you to romance the three girls at the same time.


That's a shame but I kinda figured that would be the case. Either way I look forward to how the story will progress


Your game is wonderful, there are so many possibilities and man... Cassie is incredible, the story, the development of the characters, everything is very good. 


Thank you !
I'm very glad you like Cassie. As Eve seems to be way more popular, I'm always happy when someone tells me that they like Cassie or Kelly.


Will the finished version also be available here on Itch? Because such games are not available on Steam in my country.


I hope so. But I don't know for sure. With Steam comes some obligations that I'm not sure I will be able to meet unless I sell the game higher on itch than on Steam itself. And that doesn't sound fair to me.

I'm aware that this is the only available solution for some countries, like Germany.

I will do my best to find a solution.

Wow, that was quick with the answer. 

Then I hope it works.

Thanks for the answer. :)

My pleasure !

Will there be a purchasable updated version for android? Thx

Hello. I publish an Android version on my subscribe star page. I don't know if I will be able to publish for Android in the future. The limitations of this system are very unfavorable for this type of game. The bigger the game grows, the more I have to compress the content and the more hideous the images become.

Bummer to hear.

It would be much easier if there weren't any limitations on the size of the apps.

Hey Captain, I previously purchased 6.3a through Itch. I see that version 6.4 is up, how do I get access to that (outside of Patreon or Substar)? Does my purchase not cover future releases?

Hey there.
As far as I understand how it works, if you have bought v0.6.3a on itch, you should be able to download v0.6.4a on itch too.
However I have already encountered "bugs". Like, if you bought it at 4$ during a sale, it won't give you access to the game when it's at "full price".  It only happened once so far but it did happen.
Does that match your situation ?

Or maybe am I completely wrong about how Itch works ?

Thanks for the very prompt reply. The option to download 6.4a is greyed out, so presumably whatever I paid to get 6.3a wasn't enough to future releases as well. I purchased it in November last year. Guess I'll wait till you complete the game and pay one last fee. Great game, so well worth paying for it.

Hit me up on Discord and we'll see what we can do.
I hope to publish the game on Steam before the end of the year.

Hey Captain, figured it out so now have access to the latest update. A bit embarrassing that I didn't see where I could access the newest file before I hit you up here.  Soz. 

That is good to read. Thank you for letting me know!


just discovered this game and loving it so far, had the nagging feeling i knew the characters Jack(MC) and eve somewhere but it didnt click until jaye appeared in the sushi resturant scene where i knew them from, its the other brother and sister that are friends of jaye in chasing sunsets, guessing this is set before jaye and her brother are in a relationship as jaye didnt know eve in this game, also the scene where the mc is playing call of shooty (lol) he plays against the mc from chasing sunsets, it nice when characters from other game cameo in other nice touch, looking forward to this games continuing storyline and of chasing sunsets too

Hello. I'm glad you enjoyed Summer Scent.

Very few spotted the Call of Shooty thing. Well done!


i played the free version for first few days and decided to get the full version, its like a totally different game so much as been added/amended. anyone who has only played the free version, i would highly recommend getting the full versions, so much better with ingame music, and expanded scenes/dialog

I do think that the reworked content makes a big difference. I wouldn't invest time in the rework if I wasn't sure it 's a necessity.


I must be weird, or simply completely missing the "bad" choices, but what should anyone be upset by?

I mean fair enough there's no tag in the shop for one of the paths that might happen, but... the dispositions on top are quite clear and is not like it just happens, one has to really try for it to happen.

Played it 3 times so far and the first 2 playthroughs ended up with mostly teenage romance interactions (we all know how it is at that age right?) and in the 3rd I tried to pick all the choices that were leading to... well that one missing tag, I got different interactions, but nothing outrageous, and I'm not even into tyhat specific part of the fetish...

Anyway nice VN mate. :)


Thank you!

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does this game have a harem route?

No !

man the download hasnt been updated in 3 yrs dang

(1 edit)

V0.5.5 is be the last free version of the game. And I may even take it down completely in the coming months and replace it with a shorter demo.

(1 edit) (+1)

hello, I love your game so much bro keep it up.

Btw how many endings does the game have right now? If you don’t mind

Or the ones that I can do, because I want to do them all 😭


Hello. Thank you!

At the moment, there are three endings.
One is the avoidable bad ending you can encounter on the dual love path.
The two others are the endings of the Evil Asshole and the Psychotic Knight Path.
And the Psychotic Knight's ending itself has two variants, depending on your choices.

When the game is complete, there will be 18 different paths, all of them will have a proper ending, and some will come with alternate variants.



I love your game, but is there a way that you can date all 3 girls?


Hello. At the moment, it is not possible to romance the three girls at the same time.

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nor has there been any way to do so since like, before covid 2019 bro. 5 years...
at this rate of development, this is about one ounce of effort away from being an abandoned game.


Well, there seems to be a misunderstanding. I never intended to romance all girls at the same time. From the start, I've been clear on that. This isn't a harem game.


youre doing a great job. for real, this is fantastic work


Thank you!


No harem means more entertainment through replays!  

Found your game through the Chasing Sunset cameo, enjoyed my first playthrough (managed to stay neutral), and am looking forward to future updates!

That is also my point of view!

I love Chasing Sunsets.
If you want to see the full Chasing Sunset x Summer Scent cross over, you will have to play a path including romancing Eve. That will open some scenes you might like!

Working that route now.  I like when authors do cross overs, it leads me to other great VNs.  As for yours, I gotta say the Cassie path is ... interesting.  Looking forward to finding out what Kelly is into.

Dear creator,

After downloading and upnpacking on my Android phone. I dont't know how I can get it running.

Please help me,


You just need to download the apk and install it.
You should then be able to run it.

Let me know if it solved your issue.
You can also contact me on discord.

There are a lot of files after unpacking. some of the files i can not open. And i can not find a installation file......

(1 edit)

You don't have to unpack anything. You download the apk and you install it directly.
I think you may have probably downloaded the wrong version of the game.


You where right wrong version

before i download , can someone tell  me what is the thing that happends that isnt for the people with heart problems? just this bit not more


I doubt it will give you a heart attack.

is it like a death or rape scene? if its smth else then its fine


No. Even if the game, at some point, talks about rape, it never shows a rape.
The best I can tell you is that can be emotionnally difficult. If you have any doubt it could hurt you, don't play it.

I perfectly understand that some players are only looking for a feel good story. And Summer Scent isn't a feel good story.


ok thank you , i am ok with the feel part , i dont really care about it , as long as there is no rape or killing i am cool with it , thanks for making such great game ( still havent tried it but is looking awsome )


You're very welcome. Thank you for your interest.

Deleted post

As I replied on Discord :

I'm not sure how to reply to this question. I don't like spoiling my story in one way or another and I feel like telling that something won't be is as spoiling as saying that it will. Anyway. I have no plans for Netorare or MMF Sharing. Jack is the only male character in the main Cast and it will stay like that. I hope it answers your question.

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that one ending fucked me up , I know i know their was a warning but wtf man,  I legit shed tears. It's a good game but needs improvements. Sometimes what ever choice I pick makes no difference, and leads to the same outcome to which ever i chose. It's a good game nonetheless 👌 👏 


Hey there. Thank you for playing Summer Scent.

I guess we are talking about the bad ending on the dual love path.

In the latest version of the game, there is a walkthrough mode included that can guide you through the game and help you avoid that bad ending.

I agree with you, the game needs improvements and I'm working on it!

Thank you!


I played it again last night, i gotta say i love almost every second it. I played summer time saga, sisters lust and many more but i gotta say ur game Got my feet kicking from excitement 😂😂


I'm glad you like it!

Just asking this out of curiosity but how long will the full game be once everything is 100% done? Keep up the amazing work with the game and hope you are enjoying your day so far!!


I'll be honest with you. I don't know.
According to my plan, Day 6 is the biggest, busiest, day of the story. But there is still much to tell before we reach the end of the story.
I've been working on this game for almost 5 years now, and I think we've covered about 60, maybe 65 % of the story.
So... years.

Does it have anal scenes?

(1 edit) (+3)(-3)

Kind of. Probably not the kind you're thinking of, however.


Lol. Best answer ever.

Thank you. I knew true men of culture would understand.


I joined itchio so I could say 'Thank you' for making this game. I also purchased the latest release, as you deserve to be paid for your work. I'm new to the adult genre of gaming, and, as always - from what I'm reading on various creators' pages - creators of anything  'adult' face arbitrary discrimination and censorship. Is there a platform that is least likely to discriminate against adult game content? I just joined P*tr*n a few days, ago, and now I'm thinking that wasn't good because they kicked you off. I want to join a platform which is best for the content creators. :)


Thank you!

Patreon is more and more restrictive and stingily puritan every day. And they are not the only ones.

So far, the only platform that doesn't show any sign of Censorship seems to be Subscribe Star. ( I have a profile there : https://subscribestar.adult/thenaughtycaptain)

Patreon might be easier to use but adult content creators are not welcome there anymore.

I feel like the world is becoming sadder by the day.

Is V 0.5.5 a demo? Or is it the most recent free update? I usually like to play either a free build or a demo before deciding to buy also I noticed that there was a mention of the game going to steam so I'll probably wait until then to buy it.

Thanks to whoever answers.



V0.5.5 is a now pretty old build and I do use it as a demo, yes. It contains the first 5 days of the story. 

The latest version, v0.6.3, contains most of day six along with a reworked day 1.

I'll probably have to change that when I get on Steam in the coming months. I'll have to make a proper demo.

Thank you!


Good game and hard work you made. I liked the camera focus, very well done. However, from developer to developer, I have some critics. 

1. the lack of sounds and music makes it hard to play and to get users 100% immersed. With a proper sound design it would enhance the ambience, tension, and make the story far more powerful. You can find a lot of stuff in freesound.org for free (as the name says).

2. It's not perfectly written, but good enough to get you very involved with the story and the plot. I like the mystery that surrounds the game, that you don't know which secrets the girls are keeping. It would have been better if decisions had more impact in the daily dialogues and not only in the sex scenes. I know it's hard to program, but that would improve the game a lot.

3. Kelly would have been far better if you used a more arrogant-fancy-popular girl and not a cute one. When I saw her for the first time on the date, I never felt I was looking at the cheerleader leader, but at the shy-nerdish one who gets always the top grades.

4. There were 2 spanking threats. Do they really happen? If they don't happen, it's ok, it's just that Fm spanking is my one and only kink :)

I bought the latest version with a small tip :)

Good luck!



1. I obviously agree. The lack of music and sounds is problematic. I'm currently working on that.

2. I'm French, that might be why. Prior to Summer Scent, I had some decent experience in writing in French, but Summer Scent is my first work in English. especially in the first days of the story, my writing was shy and hesitant. It took time for me to find a proper "English voice".

This is also why I'm reworking the 5 first days of the story.

3. When you meet her, the arrogant cunt has already been destroyed. But you are right, I should find a way to show her to give a better idea of what she really was before her transformation. I have options. I'm considering them.

4. Who knows? Things might happen!

Thank you!


What I meant about Kelly is physically and her outfit, not about how she behaves. A more fashioned girl, perhaps taller, more voluptuous or more fit, long stylished hair. It would have made her more mysterious when she started talking about her tragic life. I know this is a change impossible to do. However, my last critic of the game is that the girls' physical character design could have been better to fit their personality.

I'm Mexican, so I understand the difficulty of writing in a foreign language. I advice to get this app https://prowritingaid.com/

With it's rephrase feature (you write something and it rewrites it in 5 different styles you can choose), it will make your writing a lot faster and better. You won't have to worry never again about grammar and style, and you can even give each girl a style of talking. For example, Kelly using more slang, while the sister being more "refined" as she dreams of being a writer. It's not cheap, but it has saved me tons of hours of work and it was one of the best investments I've made. 


Thank you. I'll look into it!


Hello, created an account here just to ask what happened to your Patreon?


As of yesterday, it has been removed. I'm currently trying to contact Patreon. So far, they didn't reply.


This really sucks, I'm sorry to hear about that. I appreciated your regular updates there and hope you get the suspension revoked.


Well, so far, they aren't even replying to me so... I'm not very confident. Thank you, however.

(1 edit)

What is the name of Cassie's actress? Plisss 


Do you mean her figure ? She is custom made by mixing several figures and morphs.
You won't find her on any stores.

hello i ^purchased the 5 dollar version i cannot download thow im on pc it says third party something or other

hello what is the difference if i pay 5 dollars what do i get more then the free version?

Hello, The 5$ version is the latest release, with more content.

What exactly is the problem ? You should be able to download the archive. You then need to unzip it and run the executable.


it worked thanks A lot! 

You're very welcome.


After playing seven or eight different routes, and being angry at this game, I finally understood it could be boiled down to one comment:

Choices should have consequences.

Eve is supposedly the submissive character, yet this is not at all reflected anywhere in this game, except the sex-scenes. She starts off the game as a bitch, and no matter how nice or dominant you play, she still continues being a bitch

The story is horribly written. I recognize several points where the creator tries to make something feel scary, or disconcerting, or rage-inducing, but it just feels empty, because the women aren't women I would protect from anything, considering how they treat the MC.


There is a saying..."if you've got nothing nice to say, don't say anything."

Fair enough that you don't like the game, so stop playing and go find something that does float your boat. But you don't need to insult the creator of this very fine visual novel. 

Just look at the art - Its top shelf!! The story (like all VNs) is exactly that, a story! So suspend your disbelief and roll with it. 

I've played through this novel four times now, and while I know the macro story pretty well, I'm still finding little zigs and zags in the story that entertain for a variety of reasons. To think that there are still 14 other endings that I've yet to see, makes this a phenomenal creative work. 

I have nothing but praise for the Captain, and all the other creators who develop these VNs - some are great (this one, Good Girl Gone Bad, Leap of Faith, and Tales from the Unending Void to name a few) and some are pretty low grade for a variety of reasons (Friends of Mine, Girl Games, Weekend Lollygagging) - but I would never post content on those games that sought to diminish the creators efforts - if I didn't like/enjoy it, I move on.  You should too.


Artwork is good. And that's the only compliment I can give this game.

I post comments like the one above, because I am allowed to voice my opinion, and I would like to inform other players that this game is not a good game.

You said this game is as good as a few others, and I have tried those other games you listed, even love them. Because they have character development, this game doesn't. Because those games have consequences of your choices, this game doesn't. Because those games have a story, this game doesn't. Because those games have a diversity of characters/personalities, this game doesn't.

Just because someone is a decent visual artist, does not mean they know how to make a game, write a good story, or that their game is good simply because they are a decent visual artist.

The only difference in the story, is whether or not you get to see boring sex-scenes. There's nothing else new. Unlike one of the games you mentioned, Good Girl Gone Bad, where I can find new things in story and scenes even after playing it more than 200 times (not an exaggeration). This game is empty after you've played through it 'wrong' and then 'right'.

Eve never changes, Cassie never changes, the MC never changes, the story never changes, the events never change, your choices never change, your relationships never change. It is fine to make a VN where you simply want to tell a story, but then you don't get to claim, as the author of this game does, that your choices matter, or that there's eighteen different paths, when every path contains the exact same lines from the exact same characters in the exact same positions in the exact same events, no matter which choices you make. As I've said several times, the only difference of your choices is whether you get to see a few boring sex-scenes or not.

I played this as the nicest, most helpful guy possible the first time, and got bitched out, humiliated, ordered around, had my privacy invaded, and ended up as their slave. I played this game as the nastiest, most hateful guy possible the second time, and got bitched out, humiliated, ordered around, had my privacy invaded, and ended up as their slave. I tried being nice to Eve and stay away from Cassie the third time I played, and got bitched out, humiliated, ordered around, had my privacy invaded, and ended up as their slave. I tried being cruel to Eve and kind to Cassie, and got bitched out, humiliated, ordered around, had my privacy invaded, and ended up as their slave. I tried telling them everything, and got bitched out, humiliated, ordered around, had my privacy invaded, and ended up as their slave. I tried telling them nothing, and got bitched out, humiliated, ordered around, had my privacy invaded, and ended up as their slave. Tried being kind without buying gifts, and got bitched out, humiliated, ordered around, had my privacy invaded, and ended up as their slave. Tried staying away from Kelly, and got bitched out, humiliated, ordered around, had my prvacy invaded, and ended up as their slave. I tried starting a relationship with Kelly, and got bitched out, humiliated, ordered around, had my privacy invaded, and ended up as their slave.

The only difference your choices make, is whether or not you get to see a few boring sex-scenes. Absolutely nothing else changes.


I think you may have missed a few things. But that's alright. Given your take, this isn't a game for you.
Thank you for playing it.


Thank you. I respect any author that doesn't get angry at those leaving bad reviews/scathing comments on their games. I may not like your game, but I do respect you for being so polite.

(1 edit)

I paid for the game and have access to the download, but I have not been able to get the last version (6.3) of your game to actually load.



Sorry to hear about your issues with my game.
Is that a problem with the download link ? or do you have trouble running the game?
You can contact me on Discord for a more instantaneous conversation.

I tried your discord, but you were out.  I don't know if the message left there reached you, but I have a pc and the app simply is not loading, even when opened as an administrator, though the previous version loads fine.

When can we expect the update starting from Day 6 on mobile? :)


There is an Android port available on my Patreon. However, The android ports are a touchy subject. I don't propose them on Itch anymore because I don't know if I'll always have the technical capacity to compile a build in the future. I also don't know if I'll be able to keep publishing for Android once the game is on Steam.

Long story short, it's on Patreon, and it can disappear at any moment.


Love it so much !

As soon as this drops in Steam (if ever in the future), I'm taking it instantly, faster than the Flash.

Absolutely phenomenal game 


Thank you !
A steam release should happen later this year!


When is this bad chicken coming to Steam? I can't wait to play it


The update I'm working on should be a valid candidate for publishing on Steam. So... Early access later this year I guess. The game will be nowhere near finished but at least should give a decent idea of what the finished product will be.


I never really leave comments/reviews for games, especially for vn games, but after finishing an ending in this game (v0.5.5) a few minutes ago, I feel like I had to write one up, mostly to vent it out.

Just to get it out the way, HEED THE WARNING in the game description and If you are looking for a harem type vn, I am warning you to STEER CLEAR away from this game. I Acknowledge that I was not the target audience for the game and it left a very negative impression on me.

But, if you are looking for something different, unique from other vns, you will love this, from an artistic perspective, It is a phenomenal story. It is great, I see the vision, I remember seeing a comment about the bad ending making this game stand out, and I agree. That was the vision, I wouldn't change a thing.

But as a person that was not the intended audience, a harem vn enjoyer, man did the ending f me up. I was enjoying the game till the ending, I was hoping for a good ending, or just a harem ending, instead the ending I got came out of left field, even if it was foreshadowed. Like I said before, I respect the art, I hope you don't take any offence to what I say next Mr.Developer, but I genuinely hope I forget about this story, may it be erased from my memory. Other than that, I wish you the best, and I wish you luck, keep up the good work:)


Hello there.

Thank you for your honest review. I do appreciate feedback especially when they are objective like yours.

Indeed, you are not the target audience!

However, I feel like I have to add that this bad ending is avoidable and in the most recent version of the game, I included a walkthrough to make it easier to explore the different paths.

That being said, even like that, Summer Scent isn't a Harem game.
But there will be happy endings. In fact, there will be more happy endings than anything else. But no harem.

Again, thank you for your feedback!


There's currently two (or more) ways to be in a relationship with Cassie and Eve without the horrible ending you went through. 


Needs less focus on shooting out constant development logs filled with minor info dumps and endless constant tweaking of past chapters few of us will deign to replay, and more focus on new material. From what I recall, I think there were only two semi-substantial updates that actually included new material in like two years maybe? Had forgotten this game even existed till now. If they were major updates, I could understand it. But they were pretty minor. The game has potential but needs more focus on the finish line and less fixation on creative perfection of already released materials riddled with rewrites and do overs.  Those can be tweaked on or after the final version in my opinion.  Stop questioning every step, and push your project forward.  These types of games need major updates every 6 months to hold interest. Had my interest a year ago. Not so much anymore. 


Well, sorry if you don't like it, but I think these updates are important. I want those who follow me to know what I'm working on. 

Sinde 2022, I published about 70 k words of content and about 2000 renders. Not counting what I'm working on at the moment. I have no doubt that it can feel shallow if you play only a path rather than the whole game. But the content is still there. I am slow, that is true. If I wasn't constantly tweaking, rewriting and over stuff, the game wouldn't be as "promising".

However, you are right about my dev cycle being too long. I release every 8 months at the moment, and it's clearly too long. I hope to improve this in the future, as I will be closing some loose ends that will simplify the branching and the writing. However, the posing will still be the most consuming part of the work and I don't see how I can compress it.


I think the Dev updates are very useful, but I can see how it can be annoying to see an update for the game only to find out it's not really an update. Keep doing you and ignore this guy. If he doesn't like it, he can find something else.


I personally really appreciate the dev updates. Sure I would love updated content faster, but if i know that the project is moving forward and whatever goes on behind the scenes, I feel that is valuable to me. 

(2 edits) (+2)(-4)

agree'd. some of the best AVNs have potato graphics.
and the following is not directed at anyone in particular - 
it seems like too many devs are trying to create visual perfection and get stuck in constant 're-work' cycles, and they forget us consumers are just looking for cartoons we can use our own imaginations with to fill in the gaps. if we wanted photorealism, we'd just watch porn. we play AVNs for the story, not the pretty pictures.
i dont care how many hairs are on the head of the girl, or how deep her 7.32 million 3d pores are, as long as she has something interesting to say.
theres nothing worse than getting invested in a story, then finding out that the author will probably get covid and die before its finished. and its all due to the subscription model. worse, idea, ever. i dont care how may boring teenagers who would otherwise have to stay in school, and instead can now make boring teenage games for bored teenage audiences. patreon = worst, idea, ever.


Well, that's quite simple. Without Patreon, I wouldn't be working on that game.

It's not about making something perfect, but something decent.
You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.
I'm trying to transform my vinegar into honey.
That's why the rework needs to happen.


"Without Patreon, I wouldn't be working on that game."
a sacrifice i'm prepared to make for a better system to develop.
i'm so old, i remember when ppl sold finished products.

please help me. i've bought the game to play on my mac. but when it ry to install it this app says that the title is hosed on a third party website. i've downloaded it through Chrome but i can't install and play the game.

Hello there.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
Itch support forwarded your mail to me. I replied, hoping they would it forward to you.

According to the renpy documentation, you have to uncompress the archive and directly double-click the app.
I'm quoting the documentation because I don't own a mac and never tried it myself. However, feedback from mac users seems to confirm that.

Let me know if it helps you!

You can contact me directly on Discord for a more instantaneous discussion.

i tries to start the application by double clicking the icon. i recieve the message that the developer can't be verified. and the mac can't verify that the app doesn't have malware in it

Hello again.
It's normal. You will have to trust me and launch the app anyway.
The error message should give you some options. Something like “Open the Settings App, and approve the unverified app”

hi again, the only options i get are cancel and move to bin. that's all

I found some articles that might help you :

Especially these points :

3 - If you’re sure you trust the app developer, you can override your security settings and allow the app to install and open.

  1. Open Finder.
  2. Locate the app you’re trying to open.
  3. Control+Click the app.
  4. Select Open.
  5. Click Open.
  6. The app should be saved as an exception in your security settings, allowing you to open it in the future.

4 - Bypass the block in your Security & Privacy settings. If the previous method didn’t work, you can go into your Security & Privacy settings and do it manually.

  1. Open the Apple menu, and click System Preferences.
  2. Click Security & Privacy.
  3. Click the General tab.
  4. Click the lock in the lower right corner of the window.
  5. Enter your username and password when prompted, and click Unlock.
  6. Click the App Store and Identified Developers radial button.
  7. Look for “(App Name) was blocked from opening because it is not from an identified developer” and click Open Anyway. (In older versions of macOS, you could click Anywhere and then click Allow From Anywhere.)
  8. Try rerunning the app.

5 - Download the app through Safari. If the above process didn’t work, make sure you downloaded the app using Safari. There’s an issue where downloading apps through other browsers, like Chrome and Edge, will cause a problem when trying to install unsigned apps.

  1. Delete the app you downloaded through another web browser.
  2. Restart your Mac.
  3. Download the app using Safari.
  4. Try to run the app.
  5. When you get the error message, perform the Security & Privacy fix outlined in the previous step.

I hope this will resolve your issue.
Thank you for your patience.


I love this game so much, quick question how long will this game be once everything is done? Just asking out of curiosity that's all. Keep up the good work as always and take your time with the new update!


Hello, and thank you.

Right now, the game is about 270 000 words. And I think I'm at about 65% of the story.
Once finished (including the rework of old content), the whole thing will probably be around 450 000 words.

However, I have no goals in terms of words or amount of content. This is just an estimation.


Man, your game is very good. I have played all of versions and new version which day 6 part 3 is added. U sure worked on that well. But .. I think I changed beginning toooo much. You added new dialogues and removed old ones, but I can surely say old one's were better - for example, in new version , Cassie sees MC as a hero and gives all of weird speech(too much) just for he picked her up on the street. I mean her love started too fast it became weird. In old version , it was sure better.

And why spending time on Cassie Dom path? Man, I love your game but this path is absolutely bulshit, and why need for to double it? So his a-hole can be destroyed better?  Dude, instead you could make Kelly path better or add 7th day. It is disturbing to watch as you say "not great sex scene incoming; save here". 

All the problems aside, this 6th day made things more clear and better. I don't know, if game was a book, I would have read  11million lines. Hope we will get full release soon.


Thank you for your feedback!

I'll check the new version of day one. I didn't find Cassie to be "falling in love" with Jack that easily, but maybe I'm wrong.

I understand perfectly that some may not like the femdom-oriented paths. But some others do!

The seventh day is still pretty far away. The night of day 6 is going to be quite eventful and heavy on the lewds. I'm not sure how I will split it. There is a lot of content ahead and I won't be able to release it in a single update.


Yeah man, you got spirit. Just don't worry about some haters words, you know , they were ass fucked whIle they were kid by their uncle that made them addicted to extreme sex. They just can't feel the power of Lines

As I said, we hope better updates soon too, like I sometimes forget about how many damn paths your game has, each with its own story. 

And do a little favour by making MC's parents late by adding some serious problems like - thief steal their passport, or dad's business works last longer. Idk others but I would wait more than I waited for GTA VI . Thanks 😎 dude

I'll try to stay positive. Even if it's not always easy.

The parents will be late, but they will come back on Sunday, that is set in stone. But who knows what can happen after that ?

It is up to you

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I scan this I think it got viruses I think need to re download and scan again I think the files got hacked.  

May I ask which files ?

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Your game file perhaps it's my imagination I used virus total not a good website.

I scanned the files and didn't find anything. However, I know that renpy games may give some false positive with some AV.
Better safe than sorry however!

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I trust deveplors and it wont be there fault theres humdred pf games itchio cant scan them all. 


Good game, hope the hate of others dont affect you with the good work you are doing


Thank you ! I try to stay positive and focused !


This is the most bullshit thing i have ever seen?

you try to make money by fooling us?!?!

It's really nothing!!!

You are literally wasting our time !!!!


What is the problem exactly?
I feel like you're being dishonest on purpose.

The game is about 270 000 words long, with several thousands of images. Is that nothing, according to your standards?

I feel like I shouldn't even be replying to your message.
You're the one wasting my time here.


I agree, you shouldn't give these morons any more air time than they've already stolen. Having written one small online novella, I know how much time that took me and that was just words - this visual novel of yours is a mammoth undertaking, I'm in awe of what you're doing.

I just tried to download the game after buying it, but the external link doesn't work.

May I ask which version of the game are you trying to download?
On my side, all the links seem to work properly.
Do you encounter a specific error?

If you haven't fixed the issue yet, feel free to hit me on Discord and we'll see what we can do.


Thanks. I fixed the issue. Keep up the good work.

Thank you!


God! I love your game! I just finished my third playthrough and IT. WAS. PERFECT. Eve just melted in MC's hands and it was so real and surreal at the same time. That's what I wanted to get when I was playing the game for the first time and now it's sooo rewarding! The way you write dialogs - I don't know what it is - but it is so perfect!


Thank you for your kind words!

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