Dev Update #37 & Release

Day 5.
The outline and the mapping of day 5 are done. I'll probably still change a few things as I'll write the scenes but for now, I'm happy with what I envisioned.
Day 5 will consist of 19 scenes (maybe 20 as I'm having new ideas as I write this dev update).
I've started writing the first one.

Official android port.
I've made an android port for V0.4.1.
The ability to name saves included in V0.4.1 caused a lot of problems on android so I simply removed it.
Testing the build was a real pain in the ass and took me hours.
Everything should work. If not, you can report any bug on my discord channel.

V0.4.1 release, public version.
Summer scent V0.4.1 is now available  on !
V0.3.5 is now the latest free public version.

Thank you!


Summer Scent - 0.4.1 PC
93 days ago
Summer Scent - 0.4.1 Mac
93 days ago
Summer Scent - 0.4.1 Android
93 days ago

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May you please make android free?

There is no android port for the current free public version.
V 0.4.1 will become free with next release.

So next update the android port will be free?

When I'll release V0.5, all V0.4.1 will be free.

ok thank you!

How do you make games like this sorry for so many quesstion ;-;

I use Renpy for the game engine and Daz Studio for rendering . ;)

we need more but nice work keep up what u do best

Thank you!

I'm already working on the next update.  ;)