Dev Update #22

Here comes the time of the weekly dev update!

Scene 2 is fully rendered. Scene 3 and 4 are written.

I'm currently working on scene 3 posing.

Just like scene 2, scene 3 is a complicated scene with several possible variations. Scene 2 ended being 30+ render, chances are that scene 3 won't be any lighter. 

On the writing side of things, I've spent a lot of time writing scenes 2 and 3, but scene 4 was easier.  I will probably revise it a bit while working on the posing (As I always do. With posing often come new ideas.), but for now, I'm pretty satisfied with what I wrote.

I also spent some time working on a render for a new title screen.

As you can see, the girls are getting new clothes.

Going back to work!

Thank you!

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